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The best hemp CBD products are made with raw whole plant hemp

Flower Powder

Our proprietary hemp Flower Powder provides superfood nutrition + raw cannabinoids that are more easily absorbed by the body. The best and most bioavailable hemp products are made with Flower Powder, only from danes.

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The most absorbable cannabinoids are

Raw Acidic

Found in raw hemp, CBDa is water soluble which greatly increases it’s bio-availability, or the % of what is absorbed from what is ingested - CBDa absorbs at a rate of over 90% compared to CBD oil which is only absorbed at about 6%.

We make the only hemp products that don’t remove the


Hemp is a source of complete plant protein with a perfect omega ratio that's loaded with vitamins & minerals...and it's only found in Flower Powder. Did you know Hemp Flowers have 4.25x as much potassium as a banana?

The vet said she had 3 months, we gave her 33.

All to help our dog

A desire to address our dog's health issues naturally led to the creation of our Pet Relief blend

Organic Culinary Hemp Flowers

Flower Powder

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Delicious seasoning blends featuring Flower Powder


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Whole food capsules for life's daily problems


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Delicious functional treats based off our whole food capsules

Dog Treats

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Raw Organic hemp

All of our products feature USDA Organic Raw Hemp Flowers - we use the entire flower raw, no extracts or isolates. We call it Flower Powder.

Super Bio-availability

Raw Hemp provides raw cannabinoids (ex: CBDa) which are absorbed at a rate greater than 90%, compare that to CBD oils which are only absorbed at about a 6% rate/

Superfood Nutrition

Hemp is a complete source of plant protein with a perfect omega ratio, loaded with vitamins & minerals...and it's only found in Flower Powder from danes.