Pet Relief
Pet Relief
Pet Relief
Pet Relief
Pet Relief
Pet Relief
Pet Relief
Pet Relief

Pet Relief

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Size 30 Count

Plant-based Pet Health SupplementGreat for pets of all ages for optimizing wellness, but especially great for older pets dealing with hip and joint issues.  3x anti-inflammatory; great for relief and recovery as well as chronic conditions. We developed this formula for our 12 year old pit mix, Mary, who enjoyed three great golden years using the formula.

11mg or more of raw acidic cannabinoids per capsule.  Raw acidic cannabinoids have been shown to be up to 10x more bioavailable than decarboxylated cannabinoids likes CBD.

Organic Ingredients: hemp + ginger + turmeric + piperine in of a vegan capsule to help your pet stay healthy, happy, and playful at all ages.

Organic • Vegan • Whole Plant Hemp • Super Bioavailability 

Effective for mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds.

Contains less than 0.3% THC and is legal in all 50 States.

raw hemp is a superfood with nutrition and raw cannabinoids not found in any CBD extract or isolate products. whole plant > extracts

hemp has so much more for us than just CBD! raw hemp is a complete source of plant protein loaded with vitamins, minerals, & healthy fats

bioavailability = absorbability. naturally water soluble cannabinoids from raw hemp means 10x+ better absoprtion compared to CBD oils

save money with our convenient subscriptions. month to month. change, cancel, or start up anytime

super bioavailable

10x+ better absorption than cbd

get more for your money with a quicker onset than CBD

Superfood Nutrition

superfood nutrition, no extra charge

we figured you'd rather us include this than throw it away like CBD companies do. hemp flowers are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats

our why

all to help our dog

our dog deserved the best, so we developed it. learn about Mary's story and how a cancer diganosis led to our first product and incredible results


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