About Us

Danes was founded in 2015 with a desire to raise the bar in the cannabis/hemp space while addressing personal health issues.

2015 - Juicing cannabis providing non psychoactive options through our dispensary Eva

2016 - Our dog Mary is diagnosed with B cell lymphoma and given 3 months to live.  We decide not to do chemo and to try natural options.  This culminated in us developing our Pet Relief formula.  Read her story here.

2017 - A new blood test shows inflammatory markers are down, vet declares cancer to be in remission.

2017 - The Tubbs fire ravages Northern California and burns down Santa Rosa forcing us to close our dispensary and move to Southern California

2018 - We replace the raw cannabis with raw hemp and begin offering our products online only.

2019 - We launch the first ever seasonings containing whole hemp flowers, an easy and delicious way to integrate raw acidic cannabinoids and superfood nutrition into your foods.

2019 - Mary passes away peacefully 33 months after the vet gave her 3 months to live.  She was chasing geese at the park up until her last day, living to almost be 15 years old.

2021 - Eva rebrands as danes and launches a soft chew dog treat as an alternative to our Pet Relief capsules.