Better Supplements now 30%+ better from adding Black Pepper

Posted by Nicole Davidsohn on

Ever wonder why out of all the spices, salt and pepper have been chosen to be on every dinner table you’ve sat at? Here’s the answer!
Salt contains necessary minerals and makes all food taste better. The spice and hot taste of pepper is well known and loved. Fresh ground pepper helps with digestion and absorption of your food. The main molecule in pepper that helps you absorb your food is the same one that makes it smell and taste spicy, piperine.
Tidbit: The “heat” that is produced is a biological reaction to the active compound piperine.
Studies by Bioperine have showed that Piperine enhances absorption of nutrients by at least 30%! This is exactly why we have added piperine to all of our Eva formulas! Piperine will enhance the absorption of all the superfoods, giving you 30%more value! 😲 Wow!
Now Better Supplements are even better! For those taking Better Relief+, we have also increased the amounts of turmeric and ginger! Piperine works hand in hand with Turmeric’s curcumins to increase their bio activity by 20 fold! That’s 2000% compared to the same formula without it.
Black pepper has been used in our diet from ancient times and is one of the most widely used spices throughout the world. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicines, supplements, and preservatives. It has been used to restore imbalance in lethargy, inflammation, and fatigue. It is now a part of the Eva family and here to help you absorb your valuable medicines and nutrients. Why spend money on organic food if your body isn’t using it?
Written by Nicole Davidsohn.

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