Mary Beats Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Naturally w/ Hemp & Superfoods

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Mary Beats Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Naturally w/ Hemp & Superfoods

It was a late summer afternoon and Mary had just come inside from sun-bathing on the back porch. She was happy, panting, and looking for water. She grabbed some sips and plopped down to receive some pets from Dane. Shortly after, he noticed a bulge in her neck area. He asked, “Is her neck always like this? Her lymph nodes or something seem swollen.” He had experience with swollen tonsils that went misdiagnosed for years, causing swollen lymph nodes, pain, and anxiety about breathing, so he had a heightened concern for her newly discovered condition. I’m Mom and say, “Nothing is wrong with my baby! That’s normal!” in total denial that anything could be wrong with my 12 year old fur child. 

 She began exhibiting signs of weakness and low appetite when we decided to take her to the vet the next week. They said because of her age and symptoms, and the fatty masses accumulating around her body, they would like to take a syringe-test of her lymph nodes. It was an expensive test, about $280, and a very scary possibility of a cancer diagnosis.  We decided to move forward, they took the sample, and told us to wait 2-3 weeks. Those were the longest 2 ½ weeks of my life. I stayed in bed, moped around, and didn’t want to work at all. I felt like this was MY cancer test. 


 It was October 7th and I received the call around 11am. The vet told me my baby had Terminal Lymphoma with three months to live, if given chemotherapy.  I broke. I stopped eating. I was incredibly angry, sad, and lost. I was losing my best friend on a strict timeline and I had no idea what to do. My ulcerative colitis flared and I was now officially out of commission. Mary and I layed in bed all day for a few weeks, just snuggling and thanking the world I still had her by my side in that moment. 

 We refused chemotherapy and western medicines, after detailed research into its effectiveness. I found out there are no proven cases of cancer where Chemotherapy was responsible for curing, managing, or slowing it down. All of the cases with chemotherapy, the subject still passed away from cancer in a very short time. Usually the cancer is seen to “go away” and then come back “viciously.” This is because chemotherapy is like bombing a house when you see one ant; you won’t get insects for a while, but once that stuff wears off, they will all come crawling back with a vengeance. 

 We were working in the cannabis industry at the time, and had been helping very sick humans with cannabis and CBD oils. I was making hemp juice with fresh vegan-organically grown cannabis leaves, and mixing it with turmeric and ginger. This was to manage my ulcerative colitis, a very painful and debilitating digestive disease triggered by stress. 

 I started giving Mary the juice pulp, CBD isolate powder, and topped it with some full-spectrum cold brewed CBD oil, made by a local CBD farmer. She began perking up immediately after eating her food that had cannabinoids within it. The CBD oil was very expensive, about $200/month, so I had to figure out how to make my own solution. 

 After research and a consult with Dr. Courtney, a world-renowned raw cannabinoid therapist, I found out that the juice was the thing energizing her and healing her immediately. The oils take time to absorb and work, and some get stored in the fat cells, so you wouldn’t see immediate results for the illness. 

 We had three months to reverse this diagnosis before I lost my best friend, and the wonderful cannabis plant was working her magic. I admit though, it was hard to stay consistent with keeping a “juicing plant” alive as an amateur gardener who was sick with UC, and had a sick dog with Cancer, and was a cofounder of a business. It took so much time, care, and effort to keep the plants alive, happy, and thriving.  Fortunately, Dane was much more level headed and proactively converted a section of his garden to dedicate it to the vegetative growth of several strains all with the goal of harvesting fresh leaves for juicing.  Despite now having 4 strains of varying cannabinoid ratios at our disposal it was still tough to keep up with our own demand for Mary let alone others.  The plants just didn't grow fast enough to keep making juice 1-2x a week and the juice wouldn't last longer than 3 days. Green juice goes bad within minutes-hours, so even the juice in the fridge that I had vacuum-sealed was not going to be a long-term solution. 

 After testing, fiddling, and more research on dosages, we came up with a capsule that contained our home-grown cannabis flowers, organic turmeric, and organic ginger. I put the capsules in some peanut butter and started giving her a couple each day, and she still receives them to this day. As time went on the cannabis was replaced with USDA organic hemp in an effort to open the product up to as many people as possible.

It is now October 2018, and she is 2 years past her diagnosis.  She gets to enjoy her golden years with freshly cooked food, way too many toys, multiple beach trips every week, hikes, and snuggles in our bed (with her head on the pillows.) She is full of love, happiness, and inspiration for us all. She inspires us to live life to the fullest and without regret, because you never know what is coming your way! This whole experience has been an exercise is shedding fear and operating from love and Mary's presence is a daily reminder of that for us.  Mary is our best friend and loyal steed - We love her so much! 

 At Eva, we know others love their family members just as much as we love Mary. That is why we continue to spread the information we've learned coupled with our experience with the hope that we can help others get thru similarly tough times - and to contribute to as many success stories as possible. We take care and pride in everything we provide because we are here for you and your family. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence; it can give a family a whole new perspective on life. That perspective can change your outlook and change your life. I know it's changed ours.  

 Follow Mary's story and life on instagram @marythedogbeatscancer and @evacbd.

- Nicole 

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